RAMTEC named Best Tech Display at Ohio State Fair

trailer nao_0929
RAMTEC Fair kidsTri-Rivers RAMTEC Trailer and RAMTEC Robotics League won two “Awards of Excellence” at the 2015 Ohio State Fair. The trailer and displays in the Lausche Building will be there through August 9, 2015.

The displays won the Best Technology Exhibit at the Ohio State Fair.

Brad Pottkotter’s class as well as students and graduates from Harding, Grant MS, Lexington, North Union and Tri-Rivers have been working tirelessly at the two exhibits.


Special thanks to Rob Smith of Depco llc, Mark Robinson of Harding, Amy Gerritsen of MCS, Kristi Matlack of North Union MS, Nick Hancock of C-TEC, Nick Marone of RAMTEC Vex Camps, Milt Kniss of Tolles RAMTEC and Scott Gould of Tri-Rivers RAMTEC.

Follow their activities at the Ohio State at RAMTEC Ohio Facebook.

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RAMTEC at FairRAMTEC at fair Vex