2nd & 3rd FT Precision Classes Certified

Congratulations to the 2nd and 3rd class of employees from FT Precision, Fredericktown,  Ohio, to complete the FANUC Robotics Certification.

FT Precision is a Tier 1 supplier to Honda. They employee around 400-500 and currently use FANUC Robotics and FANUC CNC “Robo Drill” for their production automation process.

FT Precision has committed to utilizing RAMTEC as their training source for Robotics and CNC  education.

Above 2nd Class of FT Precision graduates include: Row 1, left to right: Ron Birchfield, Cory Evans, Bill Buchanan and Jeremy Knauer. Row 2, left to right: Matt Spencer, J.R. Otto, Zach Snyder, Ryan Traicoff, Mike Hite, Chris Moreland, Carl McMahon and Instructor Mark Edington.

Below: Third Class of FT Precision Graduates: Row 1, left to right: Jim Townsend, Jim Naber, Levi Tomlin, Michael Hoffman, Kevin Schlairet, Instructor Mark Edington. Row 2, left to right: Joseph Greenleaf, Gene Moore, Richard Dallinghaus, Chuck Winter, Michael Holt, Nolan Deakins and Dustin Thomas.

FTPrecision class3