TRCC RAMTEC Engineering Tech students visit Honda Training Center

Honda field trip 2015

Engineering Technology high school students in RAMTEC at Tri-Rivers Career Center were invited to attend Honda’s ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) demonstration, Thursday, September 17 in Marysville.

“This was a great opportunity for our students to see how humans and robots interact in the manufacturing world,” said Brad Pottkotter, their engineering instructor.

“Honda provided our students with the opportunity to see leading edge technology,” said Ritch Ramey, RAMTEC Coordinator. “Seeing ASIMO in action gives our students a chance to dream and make it happen.”

Ramey explained that ASIMO is designed to help people. “It is the culmination of two decades of humanoid robotics research by Honda engineers. ASIMO can walk and run on uneven slopes and surfaces. It can also climb stairs, reach for and grasp objects. ASIMO comprehends and responds to simple voice commands. It has the ability to recognize the face of a select group of individuals. It truly is amazing.”

Pottkotter said ASIMO provided a springboard for other Honda product development. “My students got to see the future of robots today.

They also had the opportunity to visit Honda’s Heritage Center, that displays a collection of Honda products, including powersports, automobiles, power equipment, as well as aviation and robotics. It also has displays highlighting major milestones in Honda’s history.”

“Our Engineering students were able to see that the Honda Training Center looks very similar to RAMTEC where they are training,” said Ramey. “Seeing the history of Honda and the latest Honda innovations is very beneficial as they plan their careers in the engineering field.”

While touring Honda the RAMTEC students enjoyed talking to Drew Mosley, a graduate of Tri-Rivers Engineering Tech program. Drew currently works as an industrial trainer at Honda. “It is nice when our current students can see where our graduates are and what they are doing,” said Pottkotter. “It helps them to plan their future.”

Ramey said Honda has a permanent ASIMO display at Disneyland in California in their “Innoventions” Center–”Say Hello to Honda’s ASIMO.” To learn more about ASIMO visit For more information on RAMTEC training for high school and adult students, visit or email Ramey at