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Welding Adult Jan 2021 Grads

Welding Graduates Earn Many Certifications

Congratulations to Tri-Rivers-Adult Education’s Welding, Fabrication & Allied Processes program completors. The cohort included Trent Avon, Jace Chevalier, Brock Howard, Evan Kalbes, Nicholas McCall and Elizabeth Santillan.

What a special class! They made it through 650 hours/100 days of skills training during Covid! Each student received several “tough to attain” welding certificates.

    Trent Avon earned the very difficult High Pressure Pipe Weld Certificate—a first!



Evan Kalbes, left, earned perfect attendance. Pictured with his lead instructor, Tom Reynolds.


ramtec feature

Tri-Rivers RAMTEC addresses manufacturing skills gap

Marion has always been a community that builds things. We create things. We just always have. We created the machines that built the Panama Canal. We helped move rockets and space shuttles. It’s always been in our DNA.

At Tri-Rivers Career Center, we knew there was a skills gap; industry told us. We knew students needed advanced manufacturing training, but they just weren’t getting it. So, what could we do about it? We needed to create a place to fill these gaps; we needed a place like RAMTEC (Robotics & Advanced Manufacturing Technology Education Collaborative).

“Our answer to the manufacturing skills gap in Ohio is RAMTEC,” said Ramey, RAMTEC Coordinator and Engineering Instructor at Tri-Rivers Career Center. “Tri-Rivers leads the nation on creating a state of the art training center for the gray collar jobs of the future with advanced manufacturing and engineering skills. We are building a Robotic Technician Pipeline.”

Ramey said, “Data shows over the next decade nearly three and a half million manufacturing jobs will be needed to be filled and the skills gap is expected to result in 2 million of those jobs going unfilled.”

Ramey said RAMTEC works with numerous Robotics, Programmable Logic Control and Welding companies to provide multiple advanced manufacturing and robotics certifications all under on roof.

“Tri-Rivers RAMTEC is set up with the most sophisticated up-to-date equipment that is out in the market today with over 38 robots, including FANUC, Yaskawa and Universal—the robots most widely used out in industry settings,” said Mark Edington, RAMTEC Instructor.

“When you look at what is happening around the country, there are various programs that are out there being built to replicate what RAMTEC has already done. We look at RAMTEC as really ground zero for industrial education for robotics,” said Bob Graff, senior sales manager of Robotics /Education Workforce Development at Yaskawa Motoman.

“RAMTEC is a state of the art facility modeled very similar to what we have at our Honda Technical Training Lab, said Drew Mosley, technical training instructor for Honda of America and a graduate of RAMTEC. “They are trying to give students a taste of what they will see on the (manufacturing) floor. They are giving them those tools prior to even going to college. I attribute a lot of my success to Tri-Rivers and the amount of work they put into building the program to what it is now.”

“They are teaching students the same exact skills they will use in the workforce It’s not a situation where there is a correlation or a parallel. It is literally what they are doing in the class is what they will be doing in the manufacturing environment,” Daryl Young, controls and automation manager for Whirlpool-Marion Division.

“They really took charge of identifying the types of curriculum and types of equipment that would prepare those students well immediately for needs that we have within our manufacturing operations,” said Scot McLemore of Honda of America. “Tri-Rivers through their RAMTEC Center has really focused on meeting our needs as an employer with our automation and manufacturing operations and then really working closely with us in terms of identifying pathways that lead to those positions that we have.”

Gus Comstock, the director of CANDO! Marion, said “I think something that we excel at in Marion is the partnership between the private sector and education and the public sector…we sort of cracked the code on how do you get manufacturers and the private sector together with educational institutions to make sure everyone is speaking the same language. RAMTEC is the mother ship of Robotics Education in the State of Ohio and probably one of the best in the nation. It doesn’t get any better for a company that needs people with robotics training.”

“The game changer is really about how RAMTEC is going about building a model that is sustainable—that supports what industry is looking for. It really is the biggest value that RAMTEC has,” said Graff.

“RAMTEC is going to keep our jobs here as apposed to moving to another country or another location,” said Annette Walton, Ohio Means Jobs, Marion.

RAMTEC Ohio opened its doors in Marion in 2013. In June of 2014 eight additional RAMTEC sites were funded through an Ohio Department of Education $14,995,000 Straight A Grant. Then in November 2015 an additional $8 million Straight A Grant funded 14 more RAMTEC Ohio sites. Today, with the site at Tri-Rivers leading the way, 23 RAMTECs are located in Ohio.

“Unique to RAMTEC is that where most schools tend to direct training to high school students, at RAMTEC we are directing training to not only high school students, but adults as well, including college students and incumbent workers, said Edington.

“RAMTEC is a state of the art facility modeled very similar to what we have at our Honda Technical Training Lab, said Drew Mosley, technical training instructor for Honda of America and a graduate of RAMTEC. “They are trying to give students a taste of what they will see on the (manufacturing) floor. They are giving them those tools prior to even going to college. I attribute a lot of my success to Tri-Rivers and the amount of work they put into building the program to what it is now.”

Since opening, the training center at Tri-Rivers has certified more than 350 students in industrial maintenance, engineering technology, advanced machining, robotics and welding careers. RAMTEC’s graduates have been hired by companies such as Honda of America Mfg Inc., RobotWorx, SEMCO Manufacturing Co., Union Tank Car Co. and Whirlpool Corp.

Edington said in the last class of high school students at Tri-Rivers RAMTEC, 19 of the 20 were employed even before they graduated. “The Adult students going through the new Tri-Rivers RAMTEC Robotics Technician Training are equally successful in being hired at companies like Jefferson Industries.”

RAMTEC has been recognized by the SME Education Foundation, the Ohio Economic Development Association and the Ohio Department of Education for being innovative and cutting edge. More than $20 million dollars in state grants has allowed Tri-Rivers to partner with additional career centers to expand and continue the innovative vision of RAMTEC helping to fill Ohio’s skills gap and hopefully helping to establish Marion as the new Robotics Hub in Ohio. To learn more at RAMTEC visit ramtecohio.com

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Open House for RAMTEC Robotic Tech Training March 14

Training for Area’s Immediate Openings
Do you want a great paying job? Or know someone who wants a great paying job?  Do you have the aptitude and attitude to succeed in the robotics field?  Would you like to make $18 to $26 per hour?  Join us March 14 for an Open House from 2pm to 6pm at RAMTEC on the Tri-Rivers Campus for an informational session on a customized training class designed to meet the robotic technician needs of area employers.

“Honda of America, Ohio Means Jobs, AeroTek, Robotworx, Tri-Rivers and other area companies will be at the Open House to assist you to gain the training needed to make great wages with a great career,” said Ritch Ramey, Engineering Coordinator for RAMTEC.

“Our first 15-day class will start April 16 and will guarantee participants an interview with a area company that needs associates with robotics skills covered in the RAMTEC Robotic Technician Training program,” said Ramey.

Overview of the program:
• FANUC—HTOP ((Handling, Tooling, Operations & Programming)—Robotic Training—40 hours in class training
• Yaskawa/Motoman—Robotic Training—40 hours in class training
• Additional Training—40 hours in class training Robotic Preventative Maintenance, Mechanical Blueprint Reading, and Technical Math.
Total Hours: 120

Tri-Rivers RAMTEC has partnered with FANUC Robotics to offer onsite certification training, including: Robot Operation, HTOP (Handling, Tooling, Operations & Programming), 2D iRVision Operation & Programming and Robot Maintenance.

RAMTEC has also partnership with Yaskawa Motoman Robotics to offer onsite educational certification training. Students will learn operation, programming and how it applies to Material Handling applications.

Tri-Rivers RAMTEC is located in Marion, Ohio on the Tri-Rivers Career Center campus, 2222 Marion-Mt. Gilead Rd, Marion, OH. The Center has the most up-to-date equipment. It is supported by industry partnerships with Robotworx, Whirlpool, Honda of America, U.S. Yachiyo, FANUC Robotics, and Yaskawa Motoman Robotics, who have combined forces and talent to operate as an industrial robotics and advanced manufacturing center. The facility is geared to technically train students for high-skilled jobs in Automation, Robotics, CNC (Computer Numerical Control), Welding and Industrial Maintenance.

For more information call Holly at 740-389-8590 or email her at hramey@tririvers.com. Financial aide assistance available.

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Tri-Rivers RAMTEC Summer Robotics Camp-Sign Up! (Only 4 seats available)

Tri-Rivers Career Center/RAMTEC is holding a unique 4-day Robotics & Automation Summer Camp, June 4-7, 2018 for grades 7-12. “Participants of our 4-day Robotics Summer Camp, hosted in our RAMTEC Robotics and Automation facility, will get the unique opportunity to operate and program FANUC and Motoman Industrial Robots. These are the two most popular industrial robotics companies in the world,” said Ritch Ramey, RAMTEC engineering coordinator. “They are used in 90% of all automotive factories in the United States.”

“Along with operating real industrial robots, participants will interact with our NAO Humanoid robot, experience the latest Industrial Cobots, create and print their own 3D projects and gain exposure to coding electronic devices,” said Ramey.

“Tri-Rivers RAMTEC has hosted more than 20 STEM and robotics camps since 2012,” said Ramey. “These camps expose our area students to the thousands of potential exciting and high paying 21st Century careers in manufacturing and engineering throughout Ohio.”

Ramey said this Summer Camp builds upon the Vex Robotics experiences that many of the RAMTEC/Tri-Rivers camps provide, and allows participants to get hands-on, real world, exposure to the latest robotic platforms.

The camp participation fee is $100, or discounted to $80 if paid by May 22, 2018. The fee includes a T-shirt and lunch each day. The camp appStudents can sign up by visiting our RAMTEC website at www.ramtecohio to download the camp application. “Camps fill up fast, so I encourage students to apply now to reserve their spot in the camp,” said Ramey. For more information contact Holly Ramey at 740-389-8590 or rramey@tririvers.com.                                                                                              

RAMTEC Summer Camp Registration form 2018

Only 8 seats available

RAMTEC (Robotics & Advanced Manufacturing Technology Educational Collaborative) is part of the Tri-Rivers Career Center Main Campus, 2222 Marion-Mt. Gilead Rd., Marion, OH 43302.




Vex Summer Camps popular with area students

Tri-Rivers/RAMTEC Vex Robotics Summer Camps

The 2017 Tri-Rivers/RAMTEC Summer Vex Robotics Camps—an Advanced one for 8-12th grade students, and a Beginners one for 6-12th grade students is set for June 5-7, 2017. Then June 8 and 9 there will be a Vex IQ Camp for students entering grades 4-7.

Both camps will be held at RAMTEC, on the Tri-Rivers Career Center Campus, 2222 Marion-Mt. Gilead Rd., Marion, OH 43302. For more information call Ritch Ramey 740-360-8156.

For registration form and agenda for the June 5-7 Advanced Vex Summer Camp

ADVANCED NOW CLOSED! Please Apply Next Year.

Safety, Terminology, Tools & Software, Review Robot Construction, Programming; Build & Compete in Robot Challenge; Review Gearing, Torgue, Engineering Notebook & Programming; Review Sensors, Pneumatics, Compete is Robot Skills Contest, and more! Lunch and T-shirt provided.

For registration form and agenda for the June 5-7 Basics Vex Summer Camp (Grades 6-12), click on link:


BASICS NOW CLOSED! Please Apply Next Year.
Students plan, design and redesign 2018 Vex Robot, start working on Engineering Notebook. Lunch and T-shirt provided.


Mail your completed forms with registration fees to Mr. Ramey.

F.For more information contact:
Ritch Ramey
RAMTEC  Coordinator
Tri-Rivers Career Center
2222 Marion-Mt.Gilead Road
Marion, Ohio 43302