” I’m Suprith, I have been here in USA since 4 years. I have completed my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering in India and then I came here to USA to pursue my Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. As my main interests are in Advanced Robotics and Automation when I’m graduated in 2016, I realized that to start my career in Robotics Engineering I must need hands on experience with Robots and programming.

I finally came to know about RAMTEC through my friends in Ohio and decided to join their hands on Robot programming training course.

Now that I’m done with my training, I’m so happy that I took a best decision in my career. Training went so well and RAMTEC has a great line of every industrial robot from different companies to get hands on training and all the instructors with their lifetime experiences in Robotics and Automation industries have high technical background and teaches students in a way that anyone can easily get a grasp on the complex concepts of Robot programming. RAMTEC is the coolest place to visit and get training in lots of skilled programs with hands on training.

I suggest RAMTEC to my friends and everyone who are interested in learning and get trained and start their career in Robotics and Automation as we all know that’s the future of any industrial and manufacturing organizations. I can’t wait to start my next levels of training in RAMTEC, Thank you so much.”