Manufacturing Is Alive and Well

Manufacturing is alive and well– it now involves robotics, computer-aided machinery, and technology to improve products and processes.

Ohio has a rich history in manufacturing.   And we believe manufacturing will be a significant part of our future as well, said Tri-Rivers Superintendent  Chuck Speelman.  “It will be advanced manufacturing involving the use of robotics, computer-aided machinery, and technology to improve products and processes.”

Career Centers, technical colleges, and four-year colleges have provided parts of the answer.  but now, through a partnership between Tri-Rivers Career Center, Marion Technical College, and The Ohio State University at Marion, this area has the opportunity to provide the whole solution.

The three schools, in partnership with companies like Robotworks, Honda, U.S Yachiyo and Fanuc Robotics are combining forces to operate an industrial robotics and advanced manufacturing center in Marion.

This new facility, located at Tri-Rivers, will allow high school and adult students the opportunity to train on simulators and will provide real life experience practicing on industrial robots—preparing them to be the best of the best out in the field.

The gallery space will highlight the history of manufacturing in this area as well as project what types of possibilities there are in the future. It will provide a look back to where we have been, and just might give us a clue to where we are going.

“I often hear that Tri-Rivers is the best kept secret in the area and I’m not content with that,” said Tri-Rivers Superintendent Chuck Speelman. “What we need to be is in the forefront working with leaders. Everything we do needs to be about students and what area businesses need.”

“It is a great honor and a great responsibility at the same time to be the superintendent of Tri-Rivers. I’m passionate about students. I want Tri-Rivers to make a difference in their lives.”

“My goal is to always work closely with area businesses,” said Speelman. “We won’t make excuses, we will make progress. Marion, Morrow and Union Counties will benefit from the first-in-the-state Industrial & Robotics Training Center—RAMTEC.”