RAMTEC wins award from Ohio Economic Development Assoc

RAMTEC wins a 2014 Excellence in Workforce Development innovation award from the Ohio Economic Development Association (OEDA). The award was presented October 23 at a ceremony during the OEDA Annual Summit at the Columbus Marriott Northwest in Dublin, OH.

This award recognizes unique approaches to any aspect of workforce development and recognizes an organization that has developed innovative practices and programs. the strategies provide direction, guidance, and motivation to Ohio’s workforce and business community. RAMTEC, fulfilling all of these criteria, was selected.

OEDA award

Pictured Superintendent Charles Speelman, who was a whirlwind of constant energy making this happen for Central Ohio with Ritch Ramey, the RAMTEC coordinator. Also attending the awards ceremony—John Burkhart who was also a powerful force behind building 8 more RAMTECs statewide; Mark Edington, RAMTEC instructor; Larry Wood, Parker Hydraulics Director; Brad Pottkotter RAMTEC HS instructor and Clay Hammock, PLC & automation Guru. In the words of Chicago, “This is Only the Beginning.”