Let the Games Begin! Oct. 10, 2013…

The 2nd Annual RAMTEC Middle School Vex Robotics Challenge was held October 10 in the Tri-Rivers Auditorium,   8 am to 3 pm. 

More than 120 students competed from Highland, Elgin, Ridgedale, Cardington, Indian Lake, Kenton and Grant.

This event is one of the qualifiers for the State Competition, which will be held at Marion Harding Feb. 22. From the State Qualifier three middle school teams will qualify to go on to the  World Championships in Anaheim, CA in April. The new competition utilizes beach balls instead of sacks like last year. It is call toss up competition and will be used for all the VEX robotics contests this year. It feature two zones where teams are allowed to score. Then there are two bars where robots hang. Students’ goal is to place balls in the containers in the zones then have their robots hang from the bar in order to earn points. The contests allow students to design, program and “drive” their robots. They also must complete a detailed notebook. They share their notebook and their robots with a judge who interviews the team.

North Union and Ben Logan MS teams won the event. NUMS teams 4810a won the OSUM Engineering $1,000 for each team member for having the best engineering Notebook.

Photos and video on facebook.

 videos on facebook.